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Los Angeles Forklift Certification – $250.00

Los Angeles is known as a city where hard work pays off and dreams come true. That dream could be as grand as earning a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, or it could be something as simple as providing for your family. Whatever the goal may be, Los Angeles rewards ambition and hard work. The industrial workforce in Los Angeles embodies and appreciates this spirit, which is why it’s such a good place to find great jobs, even if you have little experience in the chosen field.

In the Los Angeles area, well-paying jobs are available for certified forklift operators. The professional team of instructors at Forklift Academy provide the best education on operating a forklift in an industrial environment– regardless of your experience. Beginners are welcome.

Land a Job, While Earning More

It’s a proven industry fact that forklift operators who are not OSHA compliant make less money than those who are. Operators who are not certified are liabilities and can make employers vulnerable to crushing lawsuits if something goes wrong. Trained operators know the proper safety protocols, making them less likely to commit errors or cause accidents and injuries. Instead of being a liability, a student who undergoes our training becomes a well-valued commodity in the Los Angeles job market.

We’re partners with different companies and temp agencies, and once you finish the training, your name will be placed in our network. This means that we’ll inform you of any forklift job openings in the Los Angeles area.

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At Forklift Academy, Safety Is Paramount

There are over 85 forklift-related deaths and 34,900 serious injuries yearly. It’s safe to say that the number of forklift-related accidents and deaths would plummet dramatically if more operators would undergo the necessary training. At Forklift Academy, we don’t take these numbers lightly, and one of our main focus points deal with following precise safety precautions. Students leave our class knowing how to minimize property and equipment damage, while maximizing the safety of pedestrians and forklift operators. We address day-to-day safety inspection protocols and delve into the proper procedures for lifting and transporting a load. We don’t believe in simply brushing over safety precautions. At Forklift Academy, we take safety seriously.

Why We Offer the Best Forklift Training in Los Angeles

Our classes are in-depth. Our instructors use attention-grabbing power point presentations, thorough written  tests that will fully evaluate your understanding of the course material, and educational practice sessions with an  actual forklift. If you follow the course, you’ll know how to operate a forklift with competence.

Our classes are convenient. They only take 3-4 hours of your time.

Our classes are taught by knowledgeable instructors. We train our students to be the best. To accomplish  this, we use only the most qualified instructors who can clearly demonstrate the proper procedures for operating  a forklift. Our classes are perfect for beginners who are looking to jump into the Los Angeles industrial job  market.

Los Angeles is a thriving city with a multitude of opportunities. Our forklift training is an excellent opportunity to get the training and certification you need to succeed in an industrial workplace. We offer the most in-depth forklift class in the Los Angeles area. We’d love to help you join the Los Angeles industrial workforce.

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