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Daily Inspection Checklist

Use this OSHA required form to ensure day to day safety while operating a forklift.

Forklift Safety Operator Rules

This useful OSHA study guide details safety information while operating a forklift.


Police Say Man Tried To Steal A Forklift

ELM SPRINGS, AR ( — Police say a man stole a forklift, but it wasn’t too difficult catching up with him. Officers say they found 21-year-old Lukas Pennington — from Elm Springs — in the driver’s seat and stuck in a ditch. He told police he was just taking the forklift for a test drive. They didn’t believe the story and charged him with motor vehicle theft…

Whole-hog into Forklift Fleet Management

Forklift accidents can be costly—both in terms of dollars to repair damaged vehicles, structures and racking—and in terms of the man hours it takes to figure out what went wrong and come up with solutions to prevent similar incidents from happening again…

Forklift Academy signed a partnership agreement with Horizon Outreach Program to help Veterans

Forklift Academy and Horizon Outreach Program will be helping US Armed Forces Veterans in Houston, TX to obtain new skills by completing a Forklift Certification and Forklift Training course. As part of this program Veterans will learn the fundamentals to operate a Powered Industrial Truck. During the course the students will learn the OSHA rules and regulations that govern the Forklift Safety Program. They will obtain a Forklift License that is valid for 3 years and meets OSHA regulations and standards.



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