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On Site Training

The Forklift Academy offers private, on-site training designed to help you get your staff the safety training certification they need to be OSHA compliant. Our experienced trainers can help ensure your operators are fully safety trained and complete the coursework and testing required for their forklift certifications.

Complete Certification Training for Your Entire Staff

This complete OSHA Compliance Forklift Certification training includes a thorough session both in class and on the equipment. Our forklift training consultants provide all the tools and information that is required by OSHA regarding certifying an employee. The certification process is simple, yet a very important decision that will affect the health and safety of both the operator and pedestrian employees.

Classroom Training

A combination of video, power point presentation, models and interactive discussion provides an interesting and informative session. A written test checks student comprehension. Completion certificates provided at the end of the class.

“On the Equipment” Evaluation

Jobsite hazard evaluation, pre-operational equipment inspection, operational instruction and a pass/fail operational test are combined to reinforce training.

Major Topics Include:

  • OSHA Requirements
  • Controls & Instrumentation
  • Engine Operation and Maintenance
  • Steering and Maneuvering
  • Visibility
  • Fork & Attachment Limitations
  • Rated Capacities
  • Stability
  • Inspection & Maintenance
  • Refueling
  • Load Manipulation
  • Pedestrians
  • Hazardous Locations
  • Rough Terrain Operation

All of the latest OSHA regulations are covered in detail. Each participant receives their own forklift compliance and operator guide, daily inspection checklist, attendance sheet, certificate of completion and wallet card. Written & driving tests are administered at the session.

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