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Forklift Certification in Pittsburgh, PA

Forklift Certification and hands on Forklift Training in Pittsburgh, PA

We’ve partnered with the Steel Center Area Vocational Technical School (Steel Center AVTS) near Pittsburgh, PA to offer a 6 hours hands-on Forklift Certification and Training.

Steel Center is an “state of the art” career and technical school with the objective to develop self-sufficient, productive citizens to strengthen the infrastructure of the local community.

Forklift Academy Certification and Training will be offering once/month class starting April 29, 2016 at 8:30 AM.


Steel Center AVTS

565 N Lewis Run Rd

Clairton, PA 15025


Why do you need to have a Forklift License?

      • It is required by Law
      • Companies prefer to hire Forklift Operators with a license
      • OSHA and Employer accepted nationwide
      • You will complete the training in less than 4 hours
      • You will receive your Forklift License the same day

Classroom Hands on Training

      • Best suited for beginning forklift operators.
      • You will receive a custom printed operator id card (plastic wallet card)
      • You will obtain your certificate of achievement. A proof of completion of the forklift certification training.
      • A combination of interactive presentation, power point presentation, models and interactive discussion make this course interesting and informative.
      • Experienced operators should attend the re-certification course.
      • The class length is approximately 5-6 hours.
      • Classes Starts at 8:30 AM.


      •  A written test will check your comprehension of the materials.
      • The answers will be review as a group to ensure understanding.

“On the Equipment” Evaluation:

        • Learn to drive a Forklift equipment.
        • Become familiar with the safety aspect of the equipment
        • Controls & Instrumentation, Engine Operation and Maintenance,
        • Steering and Maneuvering, Visibility, Fork & Attachment Limitations,
        •  Rated Capacities, Stability, Inspection & Maintenance,
        • Refueling, Load Manipulation, Pedestrians,
        • Hazardous Locations & Rough Terrain Operation
        • Practice in the warehouse environment and rodeo simulation


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