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Traits of a Good Warehouse Boss

Are you hoping to eventually be considered for a management position after you are done with your forklift training? Maybe you are wondering if you have what it takes to run a warehouse. Alternately, perhaps you are trying to choose between two positions being offered and you need to determine who would be the better boss to work under. Whatever the case is, this list of traits should help, whether you are evaluating yourself or someone else.

Good Communication – Excelling in communication has to be at the top of the list of critical requirements. As a manager you will always be dealing with someone. Whether you are explaining your expectations to an employee or smoothing over a problem with a vendor, you need proper communication skills. This is done by creating an encouraging environment, being assertive, respecting the person you are talking to, listening, knowing how to speak without words, and following up.

Team Player – You can’t expect your staff to live by the rule that there is no “I” in “team,” if you are not a team player yourself. Many people obtain their forklift license because they know they will have no problem finding an open position that offers a lot of solitude. If you plan on setting your sights on management, you will need to be comfortable interacting with people.

Being Trustworthy – If you have proved to be untrustworthy in the past or displayed traits that would cause people to question your integrity, you will have a hard time earning the respect of your staff.

Dependability – If you get a forklift job, and within months start becoming an employee that your coworkers can’t depend on, they will not soon forget this when you get promoted. If you somehow manage to get promoted, your employees may become less dependable. You can’t expect people to display a trait that you never did in the past.

Industry Smart – Learn as much as you can about the company and industry that you are working for. If you become a boss, people will want to work for someone who has answers and knows what they are talking about.

Motivational – You can’t expect your staff to have an optimistic attitude all the time, if you are walking around complaining. Having the ability to motivate people is imperative. Letting employees know that they are appreciated and praising publically are just a couple ways to motivate a staff.

Calm Under Pressure – The best leaders stay calm in high pressure situations. When things are falling apart and others are in a panic, you need to be the calm leader who is in control of the situation. Even if you are not in control, you need to at least be able to fake it. Some people natural excel under pressure, and many purposely leave things to do until the last minute because this is when they do their best work. Of course, this does not mean you should always procrastinate. Constantly working in a state of panic is not good for your health.

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